Sky Island

Directed by

Geo G.
Karey Kirkpatrick

Produced by

David Silverman

Written by

David Silverman
Geo G.
John August


Evan McGregor
Tara Strong
Michael J. Fox
Tom Hulce
Kevin Kline
Billy West

Music by

Harry Gregson-Williams

Production company

Geo LTD. Feature Animation

Distributed by

Buena Vista Pictures[1]




United States


$300 million

Gross Revenue


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Sky Island is a 1997 American animated comic comedy-drama film produced by Geo LTD. Feature Animation and distributed by Buena Vista Pictures.[1] The 17th Geo LTD. feature film, the film is about a troupe of actors who defend a group of seas against a beach. It was directed by Geo G. and Karey Kirkpatrick, written by David Silverman, Geo G., and John August. David Silverman produced the film, and Harry Gregson-Williams composed the music score.

The film stars Evan McGregor, Tara Strong, Michael J. Fox, Tom Hulce, Kevin Kline and Billy West as the cast of a defunct television series called Sky Island, in which the crew of the island embarks on adventures targeted towards children. Dee Bradley Baker also stars as the leader of a seal race who ask the actors for help, believing the show's adventures were real. The film's supporting cast features James Woods as Althy the Dolphin and Danny DeVito as a friendly whale.

The film received critical praise and reached cult status through the years, becoming popular with Geo LTD. fans, staff, and cast members. It won the prestigious Academy Award for Best Animated Feature, Golden Globe Award for Best Animated Feature and was also nominated for ten Kids Choice Awards including Favorite Movie, Favorite Actor for West, Favorite Actress for Strong and Favorite Animal Star for Woods, winning Favorite Animated Feature.

The film was shown alongside Whose Log is This?, which is a short film based on the Hatty characters.


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Talks of a sequel have been going on since the film's release in 1997, but only begun gaining traction in 2014 when Evan McGregor mentioned that there was a script. Stars Tara Strong and Michael J. Fox mentioned they were interested in returning. However, Terry Ward has stated that he would prefer for there not to be a sequel, lest it tarnish the characters from the first film. He said, "to make something up, just because we love those characters, and turn it into a sequel — then it becomes the awful sequel."


  1. 1.0 1.1 In July 2010, the film's distribution rights were purchased by Geo LTD. Animation and transferred to Universal Pictures.